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Real Vs Fake! High Quality Vs VERY Low Quality - The Stretch Test Revealed.

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Whether you own a set of silicone lids or are thinking of buying some, it's important to know the difference between the low quality one's to avoid and the high quality one's to invest in. And it's very easy to tell!

The stretch test is a super easy way to make sure you know you're buying the safe high quality Lids instead of the very low quality fake silicone harmless Lids.

All you do is stretch!

On the left you can see the cheap low quality lid during the test.

All of that white discolouration you can see are chemicals and toxins that can be harmful when in contact with food.

It also means the silicone lids on the left ARE NOT SILICONE! They're silicone imitations that are filled with chemicals and toxins in order to replicate silicone!


And cost is exactly the key word here as the cheaper they are, the higher the chance they contain toxins and chemicals that can harm you and contaminate your food. Don't take the risk.

The lid on the right shows no discolouration during the test and remains transparent. This shows it's made from 100% FDA approved food grade silicone and is 100% safe when in contact with food.

But how can I tell before I buy?

Ask the retailer to provide you with images of the product stretched. If they have nothing to hide then it shouldn't be a problem and most legitimate retailers will already have images that show the lids being stretched.

But what if I already own a set?

Do the stretch test NOW before letting them touch your food. If they stretch 'white', then you should discard them immediately. In times of crisis like these we simply cannot afford to take unnecessary risks when it comes to our food and family.

How do I make sure that future lids I buy are safe and approved?

Check with the retailer to make sure. If they are legitimate they'll provide images on their website and will make a point of making sure you are aware. is an authorised and approved seller of the original Walfos Silicone Stretch Storage Lids that are FDA Approved, BPA Free and are made from 100% Food Grade silicone, making them the highest quality lids anywhere!

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