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About Us

Hello and welcome to pentelow.com.


My name’s Thomas Pentelow-Smith and I set up pentelow.com in order to provide lovers of all things ‘kitchen’ the ability to shop in safety for the latest products that will make your everyday life that little bit easier.

The products I sell have to meet a strict criteria before I am willing to put my name and reputation to them.

My criteria is:

 Related to the home but more specifically the Kitchen

 Must be easy to use and simple to understand

 In order to guarantee the quality - and safety - of all products on pentelow.com, they must contain no batteries, electrics or anything that can break when in the post

 They must have a certain element of eco/environmentally friendliness about them

 And above all else, they must work 

I would NEVER sell anything I don’t - and wouldn’t - use myself.

No gadgets, no gizmos, no gimmicks!

Just simple easy to use everyday products that are affordable, reliable and that actually work in making your life easier!