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The Magic Silicone Scrub Gloves

These 100% eco-friendly food grade silicone scrub gloves are the latest innovation for making everyday cleaning quick, easy, effortless and most of all - hygienic!

As a nation we’ve never been more conscious than now about the importance of keeping our hands clean and fresh while reducing our exposure to dirt, grease, grime and bacteria.

The Magic Silicone Scrub Gloves are ideal for protecting your hands when cleaning all types of pots, pans and dishes, cleaning your bathroom, scrubbing fruit and veg, washing your pet or even your car. The Magic Silicone Scrub Gloves will make your all round cleaning routines easier and more hygienic!

Join millions of happy ’scrub glove’ users today and be part of the new safe cleaning revolution.


"I love these silicone gloves with wash scrubber! Had no idea they existed. Really great buy. Thanks.


"They are super easy to clean. My daughter is allergic to washing up liquid but when she used them she didn’t feel anything."


“They work really well, you can’t feel the temperature of the water at all and they are really good for scrubbing the dishes.”


“A great pair of gloves, I recommend them to all. Excellent for cleaning. Soft and nice texture. I can’t use them often enough.”


“Useful to use on its own instead of grabbing a sponge. I bought these gloves to save my dry cracking hands and they are wonderful!”


“Just had a baby and my hands are taking a beating from washing bottles and pumping accessories. These have been a real lifeline.”