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Honest Product Review...
I had used fabric oven gloves for over 40 years and had never felt the need to change, until 2 years ago when I had an accident in the kitchen and spilt hot goose fat on my hand, wrist and arm and suffered 3rd degree burns!
Needless to say I DID blame my fabric oven gloves and have been experimenting with silicone ones since.
In total I've tried 2 different pairs: The full 5 finger gloves (4 out of 10) and the extra long ones that cover your arm (7 out of 10) . Both made from silicone.
That's why when I saw an advert on InYourArea for these ones I was intrigued.
First impressions of the website were good - although I don't know much about websites - but more importantly the magic silicone oven gloves made some BIG claims and to be honest for £19 with free shipping I threw caution to the wind and thought I'd give them a go.
The instant money back guarantee offered was also a clincher for me.
Thoughts on the gloves... I was skeptical initially (as a result of my accident I'm very skeptical of oven gloves anyway) but when they arrived I was pleasantly surprised. The quality was great. They weren't too big for me and when I tried them on they were really comfy. They have an extra layer of fabric on the inside for extra protection and you can really feel it.
They felt safe.
The honeycomb texture seemed a bit weird but apparently it gave for better grip which I can confirm is true. I don't know, they just felt sturdier than I was expecting.
I was eager to try them out so promptly fired up the oven.
Long story short, I find them very very useful! The protection was great. The grip was far better than I had expected. The heat resistance was a described. I only held my oven dish for around 30 seconds (usually it would be a lot less but really wanted to test them out) and I didn't feel a thing.
To say I was a bit smug would be an understatement!
My husband thought I'd wasted £19 but he was wrong and now uses them when he cooks on a weekend.
My son and daughter have since brought a pair and it's really only as a result of their purchase that I agreed to right this review when asked by pentelow.com. I wanted confirmation that I wasn't the only person who thought the magic silicone oven gloves are a great buy.
I would throughly recommend these gloves to all people who cook and want the peace of mind of knowing they have security on their hands when handling very hot items.
I learned my lesson 2 years ago that using old fabric oven gloves is such a BAD idea and the use of silicone in the kitchen is becoming the norm from what I see in my friends homes.
If you love these gloves half as much as I do, you'll never need to buy another pair.
Many thanks
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